Probate and Trust Administration
When a named Executor or Trustee cannot serve because they are not available, not qualified, or unwilling, or when the parties are contentious or approaching litigation, then it's time to involve a professional trustee. Becky Coté is a California Professional Fiduciary who is also a paralegal with many years of experience in probate and trust administration. Laura Lane is a Professional Fiduciary and CPA with a vast knowledge of accounting and financial matters.

With their specialized legal knowledge and ability to work compassionately with beneficiaries and family members, OC Probate & Trust Services is the logical solution to your probate and trust administration needs.

Named Executor & Successor Trustee
What about YOUR estate planning documents? Have you named an Executor and Trustee that you can truly trust? Have you named a child or friend who will be greatly burdened with the task and may prefer to decline to serve? Is the person you named as personal representative going to be in conflict with their siblings and other family members? An option to avoid these problems is to name Becky or Laura as your Executor and Successor Trustee. They encourage you to talk this over with your estate planning attorney so that you may choose the best solution for your particular situation.

Sometimes a friend or a loved one needs assistance that only a Conservatorship can provide. As a Licensed Fiduciary, Becky or Laura may be appointed by the California Superior Court to act as Conservator where a friend or family member is not available to act. Becky and Laura serve their clients with professional yet loving care as if their clients were members of their family. They have served clients who have dementia, brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. They have also successfully worked with family members who held opposing views with regard to their loved one. 

Often people simply need assistance with their finances. Perhaps they need help with record keeping, filing or bill paying. Perhaps they need someone to check in on them regularly to make sure they are not victims of financial or elder abuse. Becky and Laura can provide these services by engaging in a contractual arrangement with a person who has capacity, or with family members of a person who lacks capacity. 

Whether acting under a Durable Power of Attorney, as Trustee of a Trust, or in any other capacity, you can count on honesty, integrity, and prompt service.